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In our small freelance partnership we offer very affordable search engine optimization (SEO), back link development, and social media marketing services. We are much more affordable than SEO companies or studios, and are extremely experienced and successful in both natural language content-writing SEO and back link development.

We are local to the SF Bay Area and have a proven track record of bringing sites across a wide range of businesses to page 1 ranking on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for both national and local campaigns (local to a particular city, county, or group of cities and counties). Astonishingly often, our SEO sites are ranking very high (often on page 1) within 4-6 days of submission to Google and Yahoo. This depends on how much competition there is in the field that your keywords are being targeted.

Just recently we ranked a prominent radio advertising production house to the top positions on page 1 on Google across a wide variety of keyword phrases on several pages within five days of submission. Similarly, over the past two months, with an auto body repair shop, a spa and hot tub store, a turbocharger building business, a junk removal business, a mother's babysitting exchange co-op, and others.

If your website is serving or catering to online business (either solely or in tandem with your bricks and mortar business) then appearing on page 1 or 2 of the ranking results for Google, Yahoo, and Bing is going to be of critical importance to you.

Natural organic search engine ranking on Google or Yahoo top results is a skilled art and science that involves years of experience in actually successfully placing various types of sites on Google and Yahoo for the top positions on the top pages. We have a proprietary method we’ve developed through years of experience in what works and what doesn’t work.

Our services include:

We offer expert level back link development—including content writing, press releases and articles, as well as Social Media Marketing for consumer awareness and back link cultivation.

Additionally, we create high-level, affordable websites with the psychological/aesthetic intent of visitor-to-customer conversion. We offer special packages for web design and SEO, back link development, and social media marketing.

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